Self Defense 101 for Women with Aaron Arvanitis

Self Defense 101 is back for more!

July 16th


Cost: $15

We will be learning: various grips, fundamentals of movement and getting out, awareness, basic strikes and points of interest on the body, blocking frame, and guard. Do not anticipate a heavy workout but just picking up a useful trick that could drastically alter an unfortunate event.

Please bring clothes that you are comfortable working out in. No tank tops. An extra shirt / sweater you are okay having manipulated and pulled on to use as a defense tool. PLEASE: trim nails the best you can to avoid breaks and scratches on any partner work that may incur.

Ages 10 & up welcome.

We encourage questions and active involvement! So, please come relaxed and know this is your time to make mistakes and learn from them.

The Space is grateful to Aaron for bringing his time and talent to you. This workshop will certainly be worth your while.


Walk-ins welcome.

>>> About the Instructor <<<

Aaron Arvanitis is a Toledo martial artist with seventeen years of practice and ten years of active competition experience. He has competed in point sparring tournaments from ages 10-12, which then progressed into BJJ tournaments and MMA competition from ages 16-22. He has assisted instructors with defense and control scenarios, Police academy seminars, and adult / youth training. His traditional ranks include: 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do, 1st Kyu in Jujitsu, 1st Kyu in Judo.