Classes range from $10-$15.

We have packages for individual instructors only. 


Vinyasa Flow with Joni- Monday & Wednesday @ 9AM ($10): This practice aligns breath and dynamic movements in a beautiful, hour long class. Appropriate for all levels. Each class will be different. Let’s flow together!

Yoga Flow with Sydney- Monday @ 6PM, Tuesday @ 7:30PM ($15) : Activate your breath, physical senses & balance with a moderately paced, all levels Vinyasa (flow) based class. Sequences led are designed for each pose to build off the last, creating a powerful connection to your mind and  body. All levels welcome.

Hot Buti with Joni – Monday @ 7:30PM ($10):  For now, this class is women only with a room heated 90 degrees! Hot Buti is a soulful blend of power yoga, tribal dance & conditioning, with the focus on deep abdominal toning through the buti spiral structure technique/Kundalini activation. Be sure to ARRIVE TO CLASS HYDRATED and bring a towel! Dress for the heat…. a heated class is no place to be modest… less is better for your body’s natural cooling mechanism! Heated classes will flush toxins from the skin, improve your strength and allow you to safely go deeper into poses and stretches. Working in the heat helps the body to relax, improves breathing, and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration. *Please consult a physician before taking a heated buti class if you have hypertension, low blood pressure, heart disease, or extreme sensitivity to heat. A yoga mat, hand towel, bottled water, and smiles are encouraged.

Slow Flow Buti Yoga with Joni- Tuesday @ 6PM ($10) : Buti Slow Flow is Buti Yoga 101 for students who want a slower paced, deep stretching, and conscious class. This class will help students better understand Buti yoga fundamentals so they can get more out of their practice. This class is a great start for your first time trying Buti yoga, or for students who want to master their practice with better flow and form.

Core Flow with Joni- Wednesday @ 5:15PM ($10):  This 30 minute flow is sure to fire up your core from all sides. We will work the core from the front body, back body and side body using poses like navasana (boat pose), salabhasana (locust pose) and vasisthasana (side plank).

Meditation Flow with Sydney- Thursday at 6PM ($15): Begin with a slow paced yoga flow with modifications available. This is a stretch and relaxation based class, offering pranayama, meditation and ease in your mind and nervous system. All levels welcome.

Buti Yoga with Joni- Thursday @ 7:30PM ($10): This calorie-scorching workout fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance and body sculpting primal movements. BUTI Yoga emphasize the Spiral Structure Technique to sculpt and tone the deep abdominal muscles that stabilize and strengthen the body. This practice’s mission is to cultivate a tribe of empowered, confident women striving for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Power Yoga with Sydney-  Saturday @ 9AM ($15): Move with velocity through a powerful sequence of breath, physical movement, balance, and introduction to inversions. ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Contemporary with Ashley- Tuesday @ 10AM ($10): Includes the disciplines of ballet, jazz and improvisation for a well-rounded dance experience. Warm-up, progressions and center choreography enhance technique and celebrate the artist within.

6 Week (Spirit) Seek with Joni – Wednesday @ 6:15PM (pre-registered $70 or $12 per drop in): This is a high energy, 6 week creative dance course to ring in the new year with! Joni has created a responsive & collaborative piece to “Ocelot” by Hiatus Kaiyote. She will be breaking down choreography in bite sized sections & bring out your inner movement based artist. Bring an open mind & willing spirit. Leave those voices that tell you can’t dance behind. Authentic expression is encouraged. If you want to sign up before the New Year, email >> << with your name and number & leave 6 week spirit seek in the subject. $70 needs to be paid in advance and will cover the entire 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 week spirit week, we will create a video & show everyone how energy, focus & co-creation can lead to amazing things! If you can’t make this course, no worries… more to come!  


THE Modern Dance Company: Toledo Human Experience with Ashely- Wednesday @ 7:30PM: Activating social change through the transformative language of modern dance. Come to stretch your artistic muscles and put all that dance training to good use or use this time to explore your potential as a growing artist. Class geared toward intermediate/advanced dancers. Company by audition. For additional information, email… we are the dancers. We create the dreams.