Intro to Chakras


Intro to Chakras~ Discover a deeper You ™️

Sydney has designed 2 Hour workshop to give you an introduction to each of the 7 main chakras. Together, we will explore each chakras unique frequency and color. You will learn what emotions and thought patterns are connected to which chakra and begin to identify which chakras are predominant in your life. We will conclude with a guided meditation.

Chakra means “wheel” in sanskrit. Each chakra acts as a spiral moving inward, connecting you deeply with your most authentic self.

Jan 7, 2018
1-3 pm
The Space Toledo
425 Jefferson Ave Floor3

Sydney has studied the chakras and the profound impact chakra awareness has brought to her life, since she was in middle school. Chakra therapy at a young age allowed her to access a deeper meaning in her own life, and seeks to share this knowledge and connection with others.

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