Embodied Yoga Practice

Embodied Yoga Practice™️2017 with Sydney Parker

Take your practice to the next level by exploring the intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of your yoga practice. Each week, we will explore specific topics with mental study and support the study with an hour practice.

Week 1 Form and Breath: Bandhas, Drishti, Breath- Muscle engagement, set focus, conscious breath

Week 2 Asana Foundation: Develop Asana (Pose) Awareness by combining Bandhas, breath & drishti

Week 3 Exploration of the Self: Mental/ Spiritual aspects of observation and development

Week 4- Meditation: Create your authentic meditation practice

Week 5 Embodied Lifestyle: Take your practice into the world around you; see life with a new perspective.

5 week Embodied Yoga Practice™️ $175

As a bonus to all those participating, you can also purchase an UNLIMITED package with access to ALL of Sydney’s weekly classes, beginning week 1, ending week 5 for $125!

5 week Embodied Yoga Practice™️ AND Unlimited yoga pass for $300

*Unlimited class pass offer only available to those participating in the 5 week workshop*

Feb 4
Feb 11
Feb 18
Feb 25
March 4

11am – 1pm every Sunday

Individual workshop day- passes are available for $40 per Sunday

Sign up early/ Questions:
Email: TheSpaceToledo@gmail.com

Sydney Parker is a 200 hr RYT (yoga alliance), multiple 50 hour certified training’s, and has committed hundreds of hours of self study to all the areas of focus in this workshop. Sydney has explored what it means to live her practice on and off the mat and is excited to share space with all those ready to deepen their connection to themselves and their personal yoga practice.