Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (R)

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ® (Yogic Sleep)

April 2nd from 7PM-8PM

Cost $15

What is Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra?

Divine sleep Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that systematically guides and relaxes you at every level of being including your physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers (called koshas). Through the use of breath awareness, body scanning, healing music and nature imagery, Divine Sleep invites you to become aware of each layer of being without needing to change or fix anything. This is true meditation where there is nothing to do but to ‘notice’-supporting you in feeling empowered and whole just as you are. This contemporary practice is based on ancient yogic wisdom and meditation to make a powerful tool for modern day life.

Practicing Devine Sleep Yoga Nidra

An enjoyable and easy practice, Divine Sleep requires you only to lie down and listen! It is best practiced on a mat or blanket, making sure the body is comfortable, warm, and supported. Sitting in a chair or on the floor is ok, too.

For this workshop, please dress comfortably and bring a blanket or two if you like.

TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION: please email thespacetoledo@gmail.com or call 419-601-9163

About Melany Gladieux

Melany has been teaching yoga for four years. She did her 200 hour teacher training through It’s Yoga International and will complete her 500 hour certification this summer. Melany is also certified in Kids Yoga through It’s Yoga Kids in San Francisco and completed an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She teaches Rocket yoga, yoga flow, and kids yoga at Toledo Yoga, a monthly charity class at the Glass City Roasters, and leads yearly yoga retreats. She loves a powerful vinyasa flow but needed balance in her practice so she found Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. Melany completed 40 hours of Divine Sleep with creator, Jennifer Reis. Melany is thrilled to share yoga nidra, especially to folks who are interested in a yoga practice that doesn’t require twisting their bodies into pretzels. Melany was born and raised in Toledo and loves raising her two children and spending time with her husband in her hometown. She also enjoys native gardening, cooking, dancing, and traveling.