Rejuvenate: Guided Meditation & Reiki

Cost: $10

Time: 12:00PM-12:45PM

Take a mid-day break, and join Anya for some restorative guided meditations to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. You will flow through a mix of moving and still postures: including standing, walking, sitting, and lying down. The class will conclude with deep breathing and brief Reiki sessions, to cleanse and heal your energy field.

Please bring a yoga mat.

All levels of experience welcome—come as you are!

Note: This class has the potential to become a regular weekly event at The Space. Please get in touch and let us know your interest!

For more info, please contact Anya at: or 586-354-1919

To make you RESERVATION, contact The Space: or 419-601-9163

The Space welcomes back Anya Light with open arms!

Anya Light is a Reiki master, spiritual teacher, and intuitive guide. Her Reiki practice is located in Bowling Green. Learn more at

Self Defense 101 for Women

Feb. 11th, 12-2pm

Cost: $15

This is a self defense 101 workshop. We will be learning: various grips, fundamentals of movement and getting out, awareness, basic strikes and points of interest on the body, blocking frame, and guard. Do not anticipate a heavy workout but just picking up a useful trick that could drastically alter an unfortunate event.

Please bring clothes that you are comfortable working out in. No tank tops. An extra shirt / sweater you are okay having manipulated and pulled on to use as a defense tool. PLEASE: trim nails the best you can to avoid breaks and scratches on any partner work that may incur.

Ages 10 & up welcome.

We encourage questions and active involvement! So, please come relaxed and know this is your time to make mistakes and learn from them.

The Space is grateful to Aaron for bringing his time and talent to you. This workshop will certainly be worth your while.

Please email to make your reservation or call 419-601-9163.

>>> About the Instructor <<<

Aaron Arvanitis is a Toledo martial artist with seventeen years of practice and ten years of active competition experience. He has competed in point sparring tournaments from ages 10-12, which then progressed into BJJ tournaments and MMA competition from ages 16-22. He has assisted instructors with defense and control scenarios, Police academy seminars, and adult / youth training. His traditional ranks include: 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do, 1st Kyu in Jujitsu, 1st Kyu in Judo.

Detox & De-stress with Kristi

Feb. 19th from 12-1:30pm 

This will be a calmling and restoring Detox and De-Stress Yoga Workshop with Kristi Fuller!

Cost: $15

Clear your mind and release toxins and tension with our Detox and De-Stress Yoga Workshop. This workshop is created to cleanse and calm your body through twists, bends, and sweaty cleansing flows.

Suitable for all fitness levels.

Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle.

There will be an optional 5 minute journaling session at the end. If interested, please bring a journal and pen or you can even use your phone to write while your mind is open.

Please email to make a reservation or call 419-601-9163.

We’ll see you soon!

>>> About the instructor>>>

Kristi is a Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor and has been teaching for over 15 years. Her passion for Yoga blesses her with the energy and sanity needed to survive the daily stresses of life. She loves encouraging and empowering others to help them achieve the body and spirit they desire.

Popping and Animation Workshop

Feb. 4th from 4-6pm 

Join AYYEDEESMM coming in town from Cleveland for this AMAZING & INSPIRING Workshop!!

Cost: $15 per class or $25 for both Popping & Animation.

Open to all levels. And we mean it… ALL LEVELS! Whether you’re a beginner that’s always been interested in hip hop, someone that wants a couple moves for the dance floor, or a practicing dancer looking to dig deeper, this workshop is for you!

With this combo workshop, you will learn the basics, foundation, groove, and history/ origins of the Funkstyle dance, known as “Popping”.You will also learn the styles and skills within the character dance known as “Animation”.

You will be challenged, but certainly enjoy, both Popping and Animation techniques including: The Pop, Boogaloo, Footwork, Waving, Puppeting, Strutting, and various other skills.

This workshop will also teach you how to integrate these skills into your own body to create a personalized, unique, and one of a kind style.

Be ready to share and demonstrate through a cypher and showcase, allowing you to step into your own creativity and concentration. Through repetition and format, you will be taught how to train effectively and efficiently. And really, you will learn how most the moves being taught are important to dance and are parallel to life, in general.

So, come to grove, come to get down!!

To make a reservation, please email or call 419-601-9163.

SO EXCITED!!!! Let’s DO this, Toledo!!!

>>>About the instructors<<<

10K ( Sam ) and Atlas ( Austin ) are two pieces of the four part Cleveland based Hip-Hop collaborative AYYEDEESMM, built around the foundations and major styles of the Hip-Hop culture. 10K and Atlas have been dancing together for over 8 years, experimenting with different styles of Hip-Hop and modern dance while focusing mainly on “Popping”. They’ve traveled and competed in battles across the east coast like Step Ya Game up in New York and Slick City in Chicago, and have trained with and learned from some of the most influential dancers associated with the style. While still students of the form themselves, they look to teach and inspire as much as they can.


Me Healing Me: A Reiki 101 Workshop

Jan. 29th, 12-2pm 

Cost: $15

In this two-hour workshop, Anya Light will teach you how to do Reiki healing treatments for your own body. Through learning simple yet powerful techniques in loving touch and the setting of intention, you will emerge from this workshop with a self-care practice you can use daily, to balance and heal yourself across all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Please bring a meditation cushion, pillow(s), or whatever props you need so that you may sit comfortably for the two-hour meeting. (If you cannot bring a prop, that’s okay! The Space will have some extras on hand.)

Anya will also have signed copies of her book, Opening Love, available for purchase. ($20, cash only please)

Anya Light (“Dr. Anya”) is a Reiki master, spiritual teacher, relationship coach, and poet. She holds a PhD in English and is the author of the book Opening Love: Intentional Relationships & the Evolution of Consciousness. She is currently writing her second book, Awakening with Reiki. You can visit her at the Purple Mornings Reiki Space located in Bowling Green, Ohio, or at her website:

The Space is so excited to welcome the wonderful Anya Light and her beautiful gift!

Please email or call 419-601-9163 to make reservations.

Walk-ins are welcome.

We are looking forward to this! Hope to see you there.

Mantra for the day:
With every breath I take, I am a conduit for love.



Dance Intensive Workshop

The Space will be hosting a dance intensive workshop just for you!

4 Instructors.
5 Classes.
Guaranteed good time.

This will be open to all levels of dance!

Here is our super fun class line-up:

12:30-1:45: Jazz with Emily Mitchell
2:00-3:15: Creative Movement with Joni Johnson
3:30-4:45: Breakdancing with Joshua Buchanan (subject to change)
5:00-6:15: Beg/Intermediate Hip Hop with feature teacher Bradley Boombox
6:30-7:45: Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop with feature teacher Bradley Boombox

$15 per class
$60 for the entire day

All of Bradley Boombox’s classes will be $8 and if you bring a friend, it’s 2 for $10!

Questions? Interested in signing up early? Please email or call 419-601-9163 to make a reservation. Otherwise, walk-ins are totally welcome!

We are really looking forward to this.

Can’t wait to groove and sweat with you!

See you at The Space!

425 Jefferson Ave.
3rd Floor
Toledo, OH 43604


We are so happy to be a part of the 10th Annual Tis the Secor!

The instructors of The Space, and special guests will be showcasing two beautiful dance performances this evening.

Our shows will be at :



Emily Mitchell
Sydney Parker
Joshua Buchanan
Halo Winfree
KB Woodson
Joni Johnson

& Special Guests –> AyyeDeesMM <– from Cleveland!

AyyeDeesMM is a multimedia HipHop Collective. This means they focus on the 4 foundational pillars of the HipHop culture which include: HipHop Music/ Spoken Word, Graffiti Art/ Graphic Design, HipHop Dance, and DJ-ing. Through their performance, education, and brand they promote the values of Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun.

You can view their content here:
You can follow on all social media at: @ayyedeesmm

So, what is Tis the Secor? It’s a very unique experience. You will have the chance to walk through this eclectic, interesting and historical building, visit with the talented artists and musicians that have studio space here, and even shop for Christmas gifts from some amazing local vendors.

The Space will be open for questions and viewing for the night! Perhaps a little dancing too, if you feel so inclined!

Our performance will be taking place on the 3rd floor down the hall from our studio. Look for signs or message us if you’re lost.

We can’t wait to spend the evening with you!

Admission is $5 cash at the door!

See you this weekend.

What is Buti?

If you’re interested in learning more about BUTI, first watch this video.

BUTI is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.” In the Buti practice, we believe EVERY woman has the power to transform and heal her body from within. Buti Yoga focuses on activating the Spiral Structure of the core, created by Founder Bizzie Gold, to engage the deep abdominal muscles and stimulate the endocrine system. Classes utilize ancient pranayama and core engagement techniques seamlessly woven into a power yoga flow with burst of cardio-intensive tribal dance.

Buti is committed to the creation of a community of empowered women who support one another in their pursuit of health and happiness. We draw on primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive.

Buti Yoga classes are also available on DVD, Online Streaming, or In-Stuidio. BUY at:


So happy to announce that The Space is located on the 3rd floor of the Secor building. Right in the heart of downtown, our building is sandwiched between the Hensville and the Huntington Center, and above Registry Bistro. A great landmark to keep an eye out for is the skywalk over Jefferson Ave. which connects our building and the Port Lawrence Garage. This is a convenient place to park if street parking leads to no avail, and it does cost money. From that garage, you can easily find your way across the street overpass and take the doors on the right to enter the Secor building, then follow the 2nd floor hallway around to the gold elevators which you’ll take up to the 3rd floor! This is the best option on ball game days!

The most convenient parking you’ll find is the metered spots on N. Superior along the Veritas side of the street, the metered spots on N. St.Clair, or the small garage at the corner of Monroe and N. Superior. After 5:00, street parking is free!

From N. Superior, hang a right onto Jefferson after you pass Registry Bistro and look for the main lobby entrance — There is a big 425 above the entryway — then take the gold elevators up to the 3rd floor.

From N. St.Clair, hang a right onto Jefferson, and look for the same entryway!

Once on the 3rd floor, enter the double doors to your left, then head right to find the main hallway. Come on down the hallway until it makes a curve to the right, and you’ll find us at the corner (again, on the right)! Or just follow the signs once you get to the 3rd floor lobby!

Some street photos of reference to help you out! Hope you come find us 🙂