Botanical Mandala with Arden Pontasch

July 29th


Cost: $25

During this workshop, each of the participants will create their own mandala/sun catcher out of the provided botanical materials. A guided meditation will also be included to help each person identify their relationship to nature and how to continue to strengthen and nurture that relationship.

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About Sage Horitculture Solutions

Based in Toledo, Ohio, Sage Horticulture Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned small business committed to the highest standards in plant care and management. With 10 years of horticultural experience and a yearning for well-calculated change, Arden Pontasch aims to bring a full service horticulture company to the Toledo area that applies the plant knowledge of a changing industry to a changing Rust Belt city.

Arden believes integrating nature into our everyday lives is essential for physical and emotional wellness, and is passionate about bringing personal wellness to each of her clients through her work as a horticulturist. The human/nature relationship guides most of the direction in her work and research.

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