The Space is a place of creative¬†and reflective movement. We are, by nature, beings of change, and it is when we let go that we receive freedom. Change is the essence of life. When you come to The Space, it is an opportunity to change. It is an opportunity to let go of what’s weighing you down and causing you pain. It is an opportunity to open your mind and spirit to renewal and transformation.

“Movement is healing.”

The classes offered here provide the tools for you to dig deep within your own being and become whole and happy. Whatever you are feeling, surrender to it. Move with it. Move with us. Breathe into your feelings and they have a chance to transform. Movement is healing. Each soul is unique and powerful. Each soul brings their own unique movement.¬† The Space is a place to liberate your spirit, wake up, tune in and honor your body. The body has it’s own wisdom and it can be trusted.

We believe in you, in what you are and what you will become. Let the transformation begin.